Monday, October 16, 2017

DreadTober 2017: Week 2

DreadTober 2017

Greetings and welcome to my end of week two DreadTober 2017 post! By the end of the week, all surfaces had some paint on them and the project overall is coming together nicely.  I should be able to coast through the final weeks addressing highlights, correcting what ever isn't really working, finalizing the base and fixing the model in its final position.  I'm also considering magnetizing the top half to the legs to make it easier to pack up and transport in the future. 

Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight week 2

Lots to go over for this week, so I hope you have a cup of coffee or tea to hand. The week started with some attention paid to the arm mounted weapons.  GW Evil Sunz Scarlet was layered over a base coat of the old GW Mechrite Red foundation paint. The lettering was hit up with Vallejo Brass and a coat of GW Agrax Earthshade was washed over all with a focus on the recesses.  Special care was take with a damp brush to draw off any puddles that tried to form on the broad flat surfaces.

WIP Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight Left ArmWIP Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight Right Arm

Heat effects and general weathering were applied to the business end of the weapons to carry the impression of heavily use, midst battle. The flammer got some purple and yellow washes followed by a heave dry brush of GW Abaddon Black. The psi-lencer got many progressive washes of purple, blue, green, and yellow as I moved up the barrels from the front to the back. A heavy Nuln Oil wash was laid down last to aid in blending the washes and normalizing the shadows. I'm no hot-metal scientist, but I like the effect.

Next up was the Grand Master's head. A basic Vallejo flesh color was used as a base followed by several rounds of washing and highlighting until I had things where I wanted them.  GW Reikland Fleshshade was used as a general wash with Carroburg Crimson and Druchii Violet used around the eyes, cheeks and mouth.  Reaper Masters Series Harvest Brown was used on the hood with a GW Agrax Earthshade wash. The metal bits were painted using GW steel with a Nuln Oil wash. More Vallejo Brass with a GW Agrax Earthshade wash was used for the gold bits. A Vallejo light blue was used on the optical lense with a GW Nuln Oil Gloss wash.  I went with a grey eye again, with washes to further define the space and blend things in.  I like how this turned out on My Deathwatch Watch Master and it doesn't disappoint here.

WIP Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight Head Front

WIP Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight Head Right Profile

WIP Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight Head Left Profile

Then, the head was clipped from the cork and dropped into the knight suit to see how things would look when assembled. I left enough wire to pin the head in place when all is said and done. I thought of leaving it to turn, but I don't think I'll do that in the end.

WIP Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight Grand Master Close-up

The final session of the week saw me take on the sword for some power weapon effects.  After considering my options (and reviewing some great videos on, I decided to give Duncan's approach a whirl from the GW Warhammer TV channel. I secured the necessary paints, and as week 2 drew to a close, I cracked on with the paint job.

WIP Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight Sword w/hilt complete

Earlier in the week, I had completed the hilt to a decent standard.  I can leave things here, or come back in with additional highlights and some detail later in the month if time permits. Below are the final pics of the blade work.

WIP Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight Blade Complete Right Profile

WIP Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight Blade Complete Left Profile

I won't go into the paint recipe except to state that I was was forced to use GW Temple Guard Blue in place of GW Baharroth Blue as I wasn't able to secure a pot in time for the session. Overall, I guess I got what I was after.  In critique, I don't feel I carried the effect well.  In hindsight, it might not have been the best idea to try this type of effect on such a large blade for the very first time.  I would have been better served had I practiced a couple times on some of the MANY spare Grey Knight force weapons in my bitz box. Clicking to get the zoomed image should make it clear where I did not carry off the fades well; and the edge highlighting is blobby in spots as well along the blade edge.

Still, an honest critique aside, the blade still looks cool when viewed at tabletop distance and I don't feel I ruined it by far.  I will state for the record, however, that I did assemble a spare sword from the bits box in preparation for a replacement while waiting for one of the many coats of paint to dry.   I departed form Duncan's recipe at the end by applying a careful coat of GW Drakenhof Nightshade to help blend the various layers and highlights together.  This softened some of the harsh contrasts where colors met and were not blended as well as I might have liked. Looking at these final pics, I am considering coming back in with some scratches/nicks to the blade to perhaps address some of the highlight issues along the blade edge...but maybe I'm over thinking that.

I'll close with a couple more shots of the assembled model at the end of week two. It was great to see  everything basically painted! 

WIP Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight Left Profile

WIP Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight Right Profile

Moving into week three, I'll look at painting in the remaining details and completing the highlights. If successful, I'll have all of week four to mount the dreadknight to the base and complete any scenic work. This is where I'll take on the magnets too.  It should be a simple matter to do this and I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me earlier during the initial assembly.

I'm really enjoying following the progress of the rest of the DreadTober 2017 crew.  My best wishes to all for their week three.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

DreadTober 2017: Week 2 Progress

DreadTober 2017

Greetings and welcome to week 2 progress on the Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight.  For this week, I cracked on with the details on the knight.  I began with all the scrolls and purity seals, then addressed the laurel at the base of the halo behind the Grand Master's head. Next the servo skull and the daemon skulls on the base got attention. For the skulls on the base, I chose different washes to add some interest and prevent the three very different skulls from looking uniform. 

Here is where I was at after the first session of week two.

Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight front

Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight Back

And some close-ups of the details...

Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight Halo

Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight chest restraint

Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight Scroll

Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight Base Skull

During the second session, I focused on the tilting shield and exhaust stacks while refining other details as well. The shield, while not very challenging with its raised detail, was a lot of fun to paint. Multiple point washes really helped bring out the details in such a small scene. GW Agrax Earthshade was used for everything but the knight's armor, where GW Nuln Oil Gloss was used instead.

Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight Tilting Shield

I'll likely put some more attention into the exhaust stacks before I'm done but there are complete to a good standard for now. A Vallejo Rust (again, I neglected to capture the exact color) was used as a base coat.  This was followed by two passes with a Agrax Earthshade wash and one pass with a Vallejo orange rust wash.  Vallejo gunmetal was lightly dry brushed on followed by another pass with Agrax Earthshade.  Once that was dry, Vallejo Steel was used as a final highlight. While waiting for various bits to dry, some Vallejo steel has been used to add fine highlights to the dreadknight armor here and there. A thorough pass of highlighting will roll up anything that got missed by this early tinkering to pass time.

Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight Exhausts

The loin cloth was highlighted and shaded a bit more to increase its character. A few other details got attention as well, such as highlighting of the servo skull and halo, completion of the cable attaching the scroll to the front of the right shoulder, and some highlighting of the skulls on the base. Also, all the ribbed armor joints got a coat of Vallejo Dark Rubber with a GW Nuln Oil shade.  Not seen in the pictures, I made progress on the sword hand by painting the grip and pommel. The hand is ready for my grand adventure with airbrushing power weapon effects for the first time!

After session two this week the knight has edges a bit closer to done...

Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight Front

Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight Back

If I can fit in one more session this week, then I'll start work on the head and hit up the arm weapons.  Red casing will be added along with black trim where necessary and some different metals to help them stand out from the metals in the rest of the armor. The heavy psilencer shows a bit of this from session two this week where Vallejo gunmetal was painted on the barrels and black trim added to define them a bit better. 

Almost halfway through month and this project is coming along much better than I had imagined from the outset. 

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

Friday, October 6, 2017

DreadTober 2017: Week 1 (more progress!)

DreadTober 2017

I managed to stick in an additional session this week so it turns out my week 1 post was just a bit premature.This session saw the shin armor done up and attached, progress on the harness and some gold details about the armor applied.  After having planned something more advanced for the Grand Master's personal heraldry, I backed off and took a more straight forward approach. I very much like the result.  I started by masking a straight line down the center of the left shin guard with mounting putty.  I started with masking tape, but something in the shape of the curves and overlapping nature of the armor kept me from getting as clean a line as I wished and I was certain to get some spray under the tape. Putty has its own issues, but was easier to get tight and insure good clean lines. a poke here and a prod there with a modelling tool convinced my I'd get a decent straight bar of white in the end, though the lump of putty doesn't look like much here.

Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight WIP masking the shin guard

I had laid down a thin coat of Testors Model Master Lusterless Flat Lacquer over the shin guard to protect the paint during future masking. That should now pay off.  With the putty in place, I turned to the air brush to apply some Vallejo Game Air red (again I forget the exact color). If all turns out, I should have a neat white stripe down the center of a red shin guard.  This was left to dry while I took to painting up the harness. I decided it would be painted in the same heraldry as the shin guard.

Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight WIP painting the harness

The restraint piece is not yet complete, but coming along nicely. I look forward to the challenge of doing something interesting with the book's cover and the open pages. I also haven't touched the bars of the restraint nor added any highlights yet. While this piece dried, I went back to the left shin guard and removed the putty.  There was some clean up of the lines left between the red and white, but in all I was very happy with how the masking turned out.  I neglected to get a picture of the unveiling though. Instead I cracked on with painting the gold details, attending to the purity seal and adding some shading and highlighting. at the last, I applied a couple decals to complete the heraldry.

Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight WIP painting the heraldry

Another coat of Lusterless Flat Lacquer sealed the new work and will insure that I don't inadvertently injure the decals as work progresses. There are still final highlights to be done but I ended the night satisfied with the work.  The protective putty was removed from the legs and shins and everything was glued together.  The restraint continues to be left off while I work on the Grand Master himself, however, who got a base coat on his loin cloth and gold details on his armor.

Through out this session, I tinkered away at the dreadknight suit. First, while spraying the red on the shin guard, I decided to go ahead and use the air brush to spray the right shoulder armor where I will duplicate the heraldry by some manner.  I think I'll just use the skull since there won't be room for the sword and the skull there. The air brush served, and only a small amount of retouching of the over spray was required for the surrounding metal parts.

The left shin guard was detailed with gold and some shading along with the right.  And I put gold on all the inlaid scripture and on a few other details.  Short of a concerted effort, this was more to pass the time while other bits dried on the restraint and shin guards since I had the gold already out on the wet palette and did not mean to waste a drop. GW Agrax Earthshade was applied over all the gold, heavily pooled into the gold lettering to be sure it popped once dry. Closing the night's session, I posed the pieces back on the base for a front and rear shot of the progress.

Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight WIP front

Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight WIP back

So that is now the true state of progress as I close out week one. The extra effort has paid off and I don't feel any concern about finishing this piece on time for the challenge now. My best wishes for my fellow challengers with their projects. And as always...

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

DreadTober 2017: Week 1

DreadTober 2017

A week into DreadTober 2017, and it is time to show some progress.  The week started with finalizing the pose and gluing down the last bits where I was using mounting putty to hold things together. New mounting putty went over any remaining areas where I plan to glue parts following priming and painting.  The only exception was the head.  Since it will be pinned and sits well down in the armor collar where it can't reasonably get knocked about, I see no reason not to apply a simple drop of super glue to the pin when dropping the head in at the end. I'm even considering some fancy pinning to allow the head to be mounted firmly and still turn left and right for fun...we'll see. The head and sword are mounted on old bourbon bottle corks since I expect to handle them a bunch during painting.  By contrast, I expected to mount the other parts fairly quick, or at least to handle them very little before they are mounted and the final paint applied. So they are not put on cork handles. I may come to regret that later.

Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight WIP ready for priming

With the pose set, all the bling added, and the parts set for painting it was time to throw on a good coat of primer.  For this model, I am choosing to go with a coat of Vallejo Primer Black shot through the air brush.  This method is my new favorite for priming.  I do have a small spray booth with a fan vented to the outside, but even with this, the use of standard rattle-can primer smells up the beats lab, and then eventually the first floor of the house which does not please the family...Happy family; happy hobby!

Spraying outside is the go to, obviously, and I do this for all my large projects like terrain...but as we all know, this is very weather dependent.  In the US northeast, I can't count on many dry, temperate days for this.  It is mostly humid and when it isn't humid or raining it's either too hot or too cold. The air brush and a spray booth with outside venting comes to the rescue and allows me to prime anythign anytime.  The Vallejo primers cover well, pass through my Iwata Eclipse with no issues and stay stuck on in my experience.  They leave a good paintable finish and offers little to know smell when shot through the air brush.

Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight WIP black primer laid down

Before setting about painting the primed model, I put in a little work on the base. All the cork pieces were glued down with wood glue (I find this adheres and lasts well over standard white glue, but it is probably not really necessary).  Then some plastic daemon skulls were added from the new GW skulls boxed set.  These are Daemonhunters after all! Some random fine ballast was glued around here and there to fill in bits and make the cork ledges a come off a bit more realistic with crumbly sections, etc. Then I spread Vallejo Black Lava over all the flat cork surfaces to give everything a dirty, dusty look and conceal the very obvious cork surface patterns.  Lastly I glued on some random large and medium rocks .  These hopefully add some variety and a more natural rugged feel to the terrain. Here are some pics of the result.

Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight WIP Base glued up.

In the top left and middle right you might just make out the dreadknight's foot prints.  While the black lava was still wet, I pressed the legs down firmly, but carefully to get a bit of an impression.  This will help remind me where I want to pin the legs down later and also adds a bit of weight to the model when all is finally assembled.  It will be subtle but the feet, especially on the left leg, should appear to be sinking in and kicking up a bit of the hard-packed earth as the Grand Master strides forward. Perhaps a bit of this shows below with the legs temporarily in place for scale.

Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight WIP Base with dreadknight legs for scale.

With the base complete and put aside to dry, it was time to get some painting in. I started by laying down the metallic base colors on the dreadknight with the air brush.  A solid coat of Vallejo Air Gunmetal was sprayed all over, with particular attention the getting it in and around all of the leg framework.  Then a coat of Vallejo Oily Steel was applied top-down at a roughly 45 degree angle to add highlights.  Last, some Vallejo Steel was added primarily to armor panels and key highlights at the top of the model and a few spots I thought would catch more light.  I then put some white down on the left shin armor where the Grand Master's personal heraldry will go. I'm thinking that I'll brush paint the right shoulder armor with the same heraldry as well. Too fussy to try to air brush that now with the pistons and what not in the least for my airbrush skills! :)

Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight WIP base metallics laid down.

With the base colors in place, it was time for the GW Nuln Oil Gloss wash. This was basted liberally over the whole model with a large brush focusing on areas with deep detail.  On the armor panels, I used a second brush, wet with water only, to pull off any wash pooling badly and even on a few other spots that looked shabby. Not a perfect effort, but I'll have much less tidying up to do once the wash is fully dry. Here's some shots in the light box of the results.  Coming along nicely, I think.

Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight WIP Based and Washed front

Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight WIP based and washed back

While the wash dried, I put some more work in on the base. Vallejo German Camo Black Brown (70822) was laid down with the air brush under and around the rough edges of the cork and in the valleys between the raised pieces. This will provide deeper shadows around these areas.  Next another lighter Vallejo brown (there are so many, I forget what I used) was air brushed all around the top edges of the cork, a bit among the highest flat surfaces and a bit on the largest open flat areas to the front of the base, and dusted over the skulls for effect. This base work is an organic process for me and not a precise, planned effort. Last for the browns, a Vallejo Green Brown was applied just to the edges of the cork pieces and skulls as a final pre-shade highlight. Lastly, Vallejo German Grey was applied to the large rocks and similar gravel to off set these from the cork and other gravel bits.

Then the whole base was given an all over coat of GW Agrax Earthshade, followed by spot washes of GW Athonian Camoshade (all the grey rocks and gravel areas) and Carroburg Crimson here and there for interest while everything was still wet.  I'll see how this comes out once dry.  I'll be doing some dry brushing for certain.  I'm also thinking of adding a clump of grass or two.  The daemon skulls will of course get picked out in a light color for contrast.  The rim of the underlying plastic base will get a fresh coat of GW Abaddon Black once this all dries to tidy it up. A simple but effective piece of ground I hope.

Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight WIP Custom Base with Washes
The base with washes applied, still wet.

Well that's what I have for now. I'm enjoying the progress shown by other challengers.  Some great pieces coming along for this years event. Stay tuned for week 2 progress and possibly a post on the WIP Deathwatch Captain with Jump pack that is still waiting to get finished.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

Monday, October 2, 2017

DreadTober 2017: Let the challenge begin!

DreadTober 2017

With no time to lose, I got started assembling my project.  I chose the Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight this year.  I had recently purchased the kit following the release of Code Grey Knights.  This challenge would be the perfect excuse to get it done right and further inspire me to get on with my mostly assembled and primed Grey Knight force.

The GW conversion that was showed off in the August White Dwarf was very cool.  However, I already had an assembled Grand Master Voldus, so I didn't want to use his torso or head in my conversion.  And although I very much liked the sword stuck down in the earth (In fact, I had begun to look at that specific conversion with my own parts), I chose to stick with a straight forward fighting pose for the challenge.  I enjoy conversions, but I am slow at them and would easily have spent a good part of the month setting everything to rights, leaving me very little time for painting (at my speed and relatively few hours of hobby time allotted).

So it was I set to with a few bits of custom kit to bling out the armor and hopefully make it stand out with a suitable paint job against a standard dreadknight from the codex. I have two of those already assembled and primed and they'll make good body guards once they are also painted up to join this Grand Master.

The initial pose was done with blue mounting putty to hold the bits in place.  The arms of a dreadknight can be quite fiddly to get into position without glue, I find. I am attempting a pose that is either "En Garde" against an incoming attack, or blasting away with the gattling psi-lencer...maybe both! A little cork in place at this point to rough out the custom base and experiment with posing. More blue mounting putty holds the feet on so I can still rock this guy around a bit to try different things.  I enjoy this pose, though I recognize that as the knight is rocking back, and doesn't look 'set', he'd very likely get bowled over if he is receiving some charge. Hmmm...

The Grand Master borrows his chest armor and loin cloth from the terminator/paladin kit with a bare head from the nemesis dreadknight kit.  Here, I wanted to keep with something suitably aged and gnarly that still maintained the suit hook-ups one might expect for a pilot.  This limited my otherwise vast choices for space marine heads. My other dreadknights use helmeted heads so he'll easily stand out among them. An iron halo mounted above a laurel wreath should mark this knight out as a ranking hero and I chose the embossed knight shield to further make him stand out.  My other two knights used the plain shields so again I have a simple choice to distinguish the Grand Master. I topped off the conversion with a servo skull to record the Master's triumphs, pass on addition targeting information, etc.. A definite sign of rank, I thought!

The parts settled for priming

Still noodling on the feet and the stance. Nothing glued there yet, so I have options. Once I'm sure of things, I'll glue the cork and finish the base which is still just a rough look at the moment. The armor restraint (aka "baby carrier") has been modified by removing the icon and replacing it with a hanging book, open, no doubt, so some critical spell or other holy words of banishing. I guess I could leave it off as GW did in their conversion, but then the guy looks even odder held in only at the waist.

There will be some additional seals and scrolls added, no doubt, prior to the primer coat.  More blue mounting putty is applied to protect the attachments points for the shin armor, both on the legs as shown and behind the armor panels themselves.  This allows me to use plastic cement and still get a good bond after painting, once the putty is pulled off.  The sword hand is also held on with putty at this point.  I'm thinking of using the air brush to experiment with the power weapon effects and this will be easier if the hand is off the model.

No magnets on this model.  I typically magnetize weapons against rule changes and the specific requirements of various battles.  For this show piece model, I decided to stick with the sword and a solid weapon loadout fitting of a commander of high standing. Below is a shot from the perspective of this Lord's quarry...

I'm looking forward to finalizing the build so I can get on with the primer and paint. With only a couple hours a week that can be committed to this project, I dare not waste a moment.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

DreadTober 2017 is Upon Us


It is time once again for the DreadTober challenge.  I am pleased to join in the fun again this year by pledging a Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight.  This is a new unit in the 8th edition Grey Knight codex which released in August.  I have assembled and primed already two nemesis dreadknights, and this new HQ model will round them out nicely.  I will need all of October to paint the darn thing so I'm getting a leg up by assembling and converting (lightly) the new model in advance while I also try to finish my Deathwatch Captain w/Jump pack.  So far I have the knight's legs assembled.  I need to put some thought into the conversions I want to manage in order to make this new model stand out as a Grand Master of the Grey Knights.

I have the recent White Dwarf where a studio conversion is described using the torso and head from Voldus.  I have the actual Voldus model already built and based however, and I don't to carve that model up nor have his doppleganger in the dreadknight suit.  So I'll go another route for my conversion.  The studio conversion still serves as some inspiration though.

In spite of the conversion challenges, I'm excited to join in this fun challenge once again. I had a great time last year with my Deathwatch dreadnought. This year's challenge will help me get a kick start on my Grey Knights who have languished built, primed (in most cases) and unused in their foam trays for the better part of a year or more until some recent work on new characters from the recently released codex.  The dreadknight GM appears to be a strong HQ choice for the army as well as a fun centerpiece.  There must be a cool custom base...with more cork! :)  I'll be busy.

Hang back with me in the coming weeks to find out more on how the progress continues, and hit up the DreadTober 2017 blog to check out all of the fun as well.  And if you are so disposed, think on joining up with the challenge while there is still time...

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

WIP: Deathwatch Captain w/jump pack - Part 1

For my next Deathwatch character, I chose a captain with jump pack.  This character will use his mobility to back a unit of Vanguard Veterans, or simply to move about the field of battle as necessary to bolster troops, turn back assaults, etc. where needed most. He's armed with a combi-melta and xenophase blade.  I'm not sold on the xeno-tech, but its a solid sculpt and will be a fun painting challenge for me.

Deathwatch Captain with Jump Pack WIP primed

I have elected to leave off the jump pack during painting, especially since this is a character and I want to do a good job and not be hampered by trying to get under and around the mounted pack. Visible in the picture below, I used small blobs of blu-tac (or any wall mounting putty) to cover the mounting points on the jump pack and model so that they may be properly glued on with plastic cement once all is done.  I find this to be superior to super gluing painted parts together.  In my experience, the super glue does well enough, but the underlying paint all too easily peels off if dropped or handled roughly allowing the pieces to separate, and sometimes peeling/chipping enough to hurt the paint job to surrounding areas.  As these are meant to be gaming pieces, I expect such rough handling to be inevitable.  It's a small thing, but easy to do before priming and I think it pays off well in the end.  The pack is simply mounted to a piece of wire set in a wine cork for handling while painting.

Deathwatch Captain with Jump Pack WIP Left Arm

First up after an airbrush priming with Vallejo primer black...the signature Deathwatch silver arm! Nuln Oil Gloss was applied over Vallejo Steel.  Vallejo old gold was applied followed by a pin wash of GW Agrax Earthshade applied directly to the gold only, allowing some to pool around only the gold details.  The gold doesn't cover the best over the silver and gloss wash in places, so more is added as you'll see below...

Deathwatch Captain with Jump Pack WIP Front metal details applied

With the arm out of the way, it was time to set about the rest of the metal and gold details.  I moved to Vallejo Brass for the gold because of its richer, more yellow hue. Vallejo gun metal was used for the remaining metal parts.  Just visible in the picture below, the putty has been removed to reveal the clean grey plastic underneath.  At this point, there won't be any more rough painting so there is no worry that the bare plastic should get covered over to prevent plastic cement from doing its job later. Also, I hadn't mounted the backpack very well on the wire, and the whole assembly became too fussy.  So I have removed it and will use a latex glove while handling the pack during painting to avoid any natural oils for my fingers spoiling things. 

Deathwatch Captain with Jump Pack WIP Left side metal details applied

Then some work on the right shoulder where a Deathwatch space marine is permitted to present the colors of his home chapter, in this case the Blood Angels. No shading has been applied at this point, but the blood drop has some simple highlighting towards orange. I thought it fitting to have my particular force of Deathwatch commanded by the original Angels of Death (Dark Angels and Blood Angels).  No offense to any Blood Angels out there, but the Dark Angels were my first true love among the space marines, so they get seniority in this project. :)

Deathwatch Captain with Jump Pack WIP right side chapter icon

Next up, the cloak and remaining details...then on to the shading and highlighting.  I hope to have this character to done by the end of the week. Some routine family-wide "back-to-school" illness and other business has kept me from making more progress to this point; however, several other Deathwatch characters wait in the wings, their silver arms already painted as I managed a good batch painting session during last Sunday's football (that's american football for those friends across the pond...). 

So there should be a good run of characters making an appearance here if I hold true to the progress thus far achieved.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!